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The Kensington Rocking Horse Company includes National Rocking Horses and British Rocking Horses, who are both leading rocking horse makers and restorers. It is considered by many to be the home of the world's finest rocking horse selection.
07967 644869
Unique handmade leather care product as used and recommended by Mary King. Feeds Conditions & Shines in one application. Used by dressage, sj, event, showing & driving competitors. Also suitable for leather furniture, motor bike leathers and seats, car upholstery etc.
0142083738 / (07973562853)
ONLINE retailer of equine themed giftware for all ages and budgets plus saddlery, first aid equipment, Supplements and much more.
Pony World - a superb range of realistic equestrian toys. Horses, riders, show jumps and multiple accessories for great play.
An e-commerce retailer selling quality affordable country & equestrian gifts:lifestyle,kids accessories, toileteries, jewellery
Bespoke Equestrian Gift Voucher Stationery. You tell us what you want and we design and print the vouchers for you. Minimum order just Fifty Vouchers.
ONLINE equestrian website for horsey gifts and pony presents for women, teens and children, equestrian riding wear, equine grooming sets, horse riding accessories, bursting at the seams with gifts for horse lovers.
The UK's national horse events website. Listing 1000's of all types of horse events attracting over 50,000 unique website visitors every month. The largest and busiest horse events promotional website including online entries and cross plateform marketing. Specialist in equestrian online entries and ticketing solutions including show management software.
The Bag Lab has 70 years of experience in the printed paper & plastic bag industry. We make it fast and easy to design custom plastic bags, custom paper bags, custom shopping bags & custom canvas bags. We're located in NJ & ship to the USA & Canada.

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