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Founded in 1949, a family orientated society which aims to improve the showing of children's riding pony.
01487 831376
The fund supports research into grass sickness
0131 445 6257
Trade association representing equestrian businesses.
The Hurlingham Polo Association is the governing body for polo in the U.K. and Ireland.
01367 242 828
Equine charity - training,education,safety,welfare,boos,videos,gifts. Membership with liability insurance
01926 707700
Endurance GB
The governing body for all types of endurance riding in Great Britain.
02476 698863
The international governing body for horse sports in the UK.
02476 698871
Formed to promote Western Riding to a high standard.
0 1926 633223
Responsible for horse racing in the Channel Islands
01534 738868

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